Things To Do On A Hot Summer Day

When summer finally arrives, going to the pool, playing with our friends, taking a family vacation or sitting inside reading a good book while enjoying the AC are great ways to pass the time.  However, there will be times when the air conditioner not blowing cold in the house will cause problems.  When this occurs, there are a few things that you can do to fix it and escape the heat.

Check the thermostat

This sounds like a obvious solution but many people will not think about it.  The thermostat is what controls how much cold air will be pumped into your home.  There may be an issue with someone changing the temperature earlier because they were cold, the batteries may be low or just need to be changed.  Before freaking out and spending the day sweating check to see if this is what is causing your issues.

Is your AC Charged

Air conditioners run off of Freon and other gases.  Over time these gasses will need to be replaced.  This process is known as charging your air conditioner.  To do this you will need to call an AC company to come out and recharge your unit.  The gases used are regulated and are not typically available to the public.

Filters and vents

Walk the perimeter of your home and make sure that your filters and vents are not clogged or being blocked.  Over time dirt and dust will accumulate over the vents blocking air from coming in or going out.  Filters also need to be changed as well.  Every three months or so go into your AC unit and remove the old filters.  When replacing them, make sure they are installed correctly.

Check for freezing and clogs

In your ac unit where the filters are located you will want to make sure that drip pans and other areas are clean.  Over time bugs, dirt and water will accumulate causing certain areas to clog.  If the unit is freezing up then you will need to check to see what is clogged or if a breaker has tripped.

air conditioner not blowing coldgases used are regulated and are not typically available


Over time your unit may have power issues.  This can be batteries in the thermostat or it can be an issue in your home.  If the unit seems to be pulling more power than you think it should or if your electric bills are out of control you will want to have the unit serviced.  When your AC pulls too much power it can cause your unit to burn out and eventually die.

Monitor the temperature outside

The temperature outside will play a large role in the heat inside.  If it is hot and the sun is shining through windows of your home then the temperature will reflect that.  Lowering the temperature may be a relief but remember that it will be pulling more power and raising your bills.

Keeping curtains or shades drawn, planting trees in front of windows and even giving your unit a break and opening windows and doors can help maintain your unit.